Professional Gallery/Student Mentoring Program


The Professional Mentoring Program is a collaboration between First Thursdays Art Walk and Laguna College of Art + Design, teaming member galleries with graduating senior students.

Graduating seniors are assigned to galleries throughout the city to learn more about the business side of  art.  The program culminates with the December Art Walk where the gallery shows the student art in their gallery.  All proceeds from the sale go directly to the student and the First Thursdays Art Walk/LCAD Scholarship fund.  

Join us on Thursday, December 6, 2018 from 6pm-9pm at the galleries listed below. Students will be on site  and all works will be available for purchase.  50% of the proceeds go to the student and the other 50% goes to the LCAD Scholarship Fund.

Printable map



Cast of Crowns Art Collective
Students: Gabriela Accarino, Jack Bazan

Kelsey Michaels Fine Art
Student: Auggie Vaccaro

Pure Laguna
Student: Ben Askevold

Quorum Gallery
Student: Denise Ogier

saltfine art
Students: Sima Benson, Miguel Espinosa


Avran Fine Art
Students: Andrew Cortez, Shannon Vaught

Dawson Cole Fine Art
Student: Mary Lippert

Elena Bulatova Fine Art
Student: Ana Sanchez

Student: Mandy Thibert

Whitney Gallery
Student: Claire Miller

Wyland Gallery
Student: Jessica Chong


Artist Eye Gallery
Student: Maria Bryant

Cove Gallery
Student: Christine Lee